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The funds will help me defend existing and future litigation, which I now anticipate to be protracted with possible initial fines and costs. It is evident that Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay are going to obstruct the publication of the unauthorised biography of the Barclay brothers “Tax what Tax”, which I have been researching since 2008.

As litigation stands now, it will be necessary for me to apply to the French judiciary for an appeal to existing judgments “on several fronts” and/or for me to instigate fresh litigation proceedings against the Barclay brothers.

I was forced to remove the original content on this blog, which outlined Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay’s business activities, the calibre of businessman which contributed to the Barclay brother’s enormous wealth and what Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay via their company director Kevin Delaney (currently under Police investigation) and by others on the payroll of the Barclay brothers including Darren Burton had subjected me too.

The failure from both the Guernsey Police and the Hertfordshire Constabulary to instigate a criminal investigation after I personally made complaints in person from 2013 and finally in 2014 where I informed the Police of a pattern of criminal behaviour which I was being subjected to in the most horrific form included;

  • Systematic harassment

  • Systematic defamation

  • Voyeurism, stalking and photographed

  • Systematic character assassination


By early 2014, my livelihood had been destroyed, I had no other form of income and there was no one in “authority” willing to step in and deal with the issues in hand.

This is when I completed my first blog in April 2014 to redress what was happening in the “public interest”.

On the 19th November 2014, the Guernsey Police instigated a “criminal investigation” when they received 54 witness statements from 54 residents on Sark citing harassment, intimidation, and defamation from the Sark Newsletter, which is “fronted” by Kevin Delaney, a company director of Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay until very recently.

The Sark Newsletter promotes the political and economic agenda of the Barclay brothers.

Kevin Delaney also contributed to editorial content in Sir David Barclay’s Sark News, which was published by Brecqhou Development Limited, a Barclay brothers company, which promoted the same mandate.

To put this into perspective, the 54 witness statements from 54 residents on Sark equates to 10% of the population on Sark.

We are now in 2017 and the Guernsey Police criminal investigation either has been shelved or it is sitting on the top shelf of the Guernsey Law Officers of the Crown gathering dust.

Sir David Barclay applied to the High Court for a “Contempt of Court” order, which The Hon. Mr Justice Turner on the 15th December 2016 made in my absence.

On the 28th December 2016, three hours before my father was due to be cremated, a court processor handed me court papers, which contained The Hon. Mr Justice Turner’s “Contempt of Court” order.

In good faith, I had already made an exerted effort to comply with Mr Justice Turner’s order, but it appears I am being hindered in part by Sir David Barclay and Sir Frederick Barclay’s direct litigation with Automattic Inc in the French courts, which may have agitated Automattic Inc in not responding to my own requests. After the Barclay brothers first action was dismissed by the French Court and again on Appeal on “jurisdiction grounds”, I believe Sir David Barclay and Sir Frederick Barclay are now appealing to the French Supreme Court.

Fighting Fund

Please Donate Generously


  • Account Name:           Mr L. de Chanson
  • Account Number:       1 4 3 6 0 2 1 1
  • Sort Code:                   0 7 – 0 4 – 3 6


When I domiciled myself on Sark in June 2007, I had no interest in the politics of Sark, neither did I have any interest in the Barclay brothers. It beggars belief that I now find myself in this situation, when things were going so well for me in 2008.

I’m Still researching for more Information for

Volume II

After nearly a decade of researching Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay and their business interests and close relations, it has enabled me to work on Volume 2.

If you have an interesting story to tell that relates to Sir David Barclay / Sir Frederick Barclay / Aidan Barclay / Howard Barclay / Duncan Barclay / Graham Barclay / Douglas Barclay / or any other member of the Barclay family and/or business and personal associations of theirs, then please email me together with any supporting evidence.

Ex-employees of the Barclay brothers companies have kindly enlightened me with some very useful information. I’m always interested to hear from others from: Shop Direct / Shop Direct Group / Shop Direct Finance / Littlewoods / / Ellerman Group / The Ritz Hotel / Telegraph Media Group / Sextator and Apollo / Trenport Investments and any other related company 1954 – 2016.

Please contact me / send copy of letters / documents in the strictest confidence:

Mr L de Chanson

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The Barclay Brothers Tax what Tax – The unauthorised Biography

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